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Good2Talk: 1-833-292-3698
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Sexual Violence/Sexual Assault Policies (SV/SA Policies)

Where are Sexual Violence/Sexual Assault Policies found?

  • All universities and colleges in Nova Scotia are required to have sexual violence or sexual assault policies.
  • Many postsecondary institutions across Canada and beyond have these kinds of policies too.
  • Other kinds of organizations may have SV/SA policies as well.
  • Each SV/SA policy is unique.
  • Video clips on this website provide information about some of the similarities and differences between three Nova Scotian SV/SA policies.

What do university SV/SA policies include?

University SV/SA policies explain the options that the institution makes available to students who have experienced sexual violence and others involved. These policies may answer the following questions:

  • Who can a student can turn to for support following an incident of sexual violence?
  • Will the university investigate allegations of sexual violence? If so, how does one initiate an investigation? What does an investigation involve?
  • How is confidentiality protected by the policy? What are the limits to confidentiality?

Why do universities and colleges have SV/SA policies?

  • SV/SA policies exist in response to widespread recognition that sexual violence is a more common experience among university and college students than among the general population.
  • Student activists have organized to help bring these policies about.