For crisis intervention or mental distress: Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line:

For Confidential support to post-secondary students in Nova Scotia:
Good2Talk: 1-833-292-3698
or text GOOD2TALKNS to 686868

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program for the Halifax area:

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If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

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I really didn’t know what would be classified as sexual violence

I know coming to University in the first year, I was really, like, unaware of what sexual violence actually was, because if I am being honest, I really didn’t know what would be classified and what is classified as sexual violence. I think that has to do with where I am coming from because once again, we don’t acknowledge those things and we don’t really talk about it. So I feel like at the beginning of the school year, maybe at the welcome week event, they should take the Caribbean students and just explain to them what to look for. Like, "Oh hey, cat-calling, it happens every day in the Caribbean, but it's not okay." Saying little things like that, because, these are the things like spiral out of control and become bigger things and cause problems.


  • Create an inter-university and college roster of peer supporters and educators that includes international and domestic student leaders across genders.

  • Display QR codes providing immediate access to on- and off-campus supports and policy information in high-traffic areas on campus.

  • Create and promote avenues for comprehensive sex education.

  • Ensure the policy is prominently situated and easy to locate on the university website.

  • Use multiple formats to deliver accessible education about the SV/SA policy during orientation and at least once per semester