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Nothing is going to come out of it, period

Participant 2: Nothing is going to come out of it period. What can the school do?
Facilitator: So, you think there should be more of an action done towards the offender?
Participant 2: Yeah, legal action.
Participant 3: Go to both people - the school then the police, then you win!
Participant 2: Yeah, 'cause if you tell him, "You can't come back to the school," he's just going to keep doing whatever somewhere else [...]. It's not about you saying, "Yeah, you can't come back to the school." The school isn't going to do nothing. [...]
Participant 3: I feel like the victim would still be scared.
Participant 2: He's still going to see me off campus.
Participant 3: Yeah, like what if you go to the mall and see that person? Then what?!
Participant 3: Who wants to see their offender outside of campus?
Participant 2: The man walking free and I can't sleep at night.
Participant 1: And that really doesn't - if you think about it, that don't stop him from contacting you, like, on social media. 'Cause he can threaten you. The school can't change that. He might feel more lead to you 'cause you caused him get kicked out of school. So, he might try to take, like, other ways to try to get to you. Or his family members might even come after you. That's why I feel like I would take it to court - to get out of that situation. Cause' he would have to pay a price if he breaks the law.


  • Emphasize the victim's right to decide whether they would like to report the incident after they have disclosed it to the university. Ensure the victim is aware of the formal and informal routes for reporting, including the option of reporting to the police. Clearly communicate any limits to confidentiality.

  • If no such statement exists, encourage development of an official statement prohibiting and clearly outlining consequences for retaliation against complainants. Highlight this statement in information and awareness materials and sessions.

  • Describe possible legal and institutional consequences for respondents found to have engaged in sexual violence. Provide indication of the range of consequences likely to follow a range of policy violations.