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Speaking from the experience of a friend

Speaking from the experience of a friend who was in a similar situation on campus, when it came to getting information and trying to relocate on campus, there wasn’t any immediate, "Okay, you should do this. This is what’s gonna happen with this person right now." It was over a span of, like, a few days. Also, I feel like, on the consequences, when it speaks about restriction, relocations and/or moving from the residence, that was something that was dragged on [...] and I feel like it should expand on relocation- like, if this happens, if something happens today, what will be the steps going forward to ensure that the person who was assaulted is safe and comfortable on residence? If you live in a residence, you wouldn't have anywhere else to go.


  • Within the policy and educational materials, provide information about possible timeframes for the completion of an investigation into a report of sexual assault. Deliver regular, scheduled updates on investigations to complainants and respondents. Such updates should be integrated into the policy.

  • Identify potential interim measures, provide an indication of how these measures are selected and implemented and establish a reasonable timeframe for implementation.