For crisis intervention or mental distress: Provincial Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Line:

For Confidential support to post-secondary students in Nova Scotia:
Good2Talk: 1-833-292-3698
or text GOOD2TALKNS to 686868

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program for the Halifax area:

Get toll-free numbers for other Nova Scotia regions


If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

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We automatically want to hug them

I find in our culture when someone’s upset we automatically want to hug them for comfort or something, but often with like sexual assault victims they don't necessarily want to be touched at that moment. But like, there’s others that might want that comfort of a hug. So just be, like, aware of what they're feeling and how they're presenting themselves, I guess, at that time.


  • Provide long-term support to victims/survivors through university services and/or through referals to external community-based agencies.

  • In the policy itself and in materials and presentations promoting the policy, define "confidential" and "anonymous," and explain how these concepts pertain to the policy, university-based sexual assaault services, and the limits on confidentiality and anonymity.